Tip 11: How to build vocabulary?

Sentence is made up of words. Many times you know how to speak about sentence but you don’t find words to express them. So vocabulary must be built right from the beginning of learning English. Here’s how:

  • Five words a day: Make sure you are learning five new words each day. By the end of the month, you will have 150 news words in your vocabulary. And this will enable you to use words on a daily basis to use English.
  • Thematic vocabulary: Pick a theme and learn words accordingly. For example, say office furniture. Do you know all the words for things kept in your office? Similarly, take body parts, kitchenware, transport, etc. You must have words for each of these themes since you will need them every day.
  • Usage v/s Cramming: Cramming up words never really helps in remembering them. The best way to recall words whenever required is to use them. Make a target of using the words you learnt during the entire day in sentences.
  • Associate words: It is so important to associate words with things that you see. For example, if you are learning body parts, you must have a picture of human body before you eyes. Words get registered in your memory better when you associate them visually.
  • Maintain a diary: Make a diary of new words with their sentences. Make an index of words and write them thematically. That way, in case you need some words, you can always look into your diary for reference. However, you must not depend on your diary all the time.

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Tip 11: How to build vocabulary?
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Sentence is made up of words.