Tip 14: Common Errors

As the volume of English increases in your life, you are prone to commit some common errors of English language. It is not only obvious but also important because your mistakes will help you learn. Here’s a checklist of common errors committed by beginners so they could correct their mistakes:

Subject-Verb Agreement: You must be saying sentences such as She go to the market or They was in the school. This means you need to correct which verbs to use with which subjects. Remember, a singular subject always takes a singular verb and a plural subject takes a plural verb. Ex- She goes to the market. They were in the school. The only exception to this rule is  ‘You’ which always takes plural verbs. Ex- You are smart. You have a car. You do not understand.

Didn’t took/Doesn’t gets: With Do, Does and Did, the verb is always used in the original form. With did/didn't always use present tense of the verb and with does/doesn't always use singular verb. Ex- He did not take his bag. They do not work-out. She does not eat well. Didn’t took and Doesn’t gets etc are wrong usages.

The India: Remember the question Sridevi had asked her teacher in the movie English-Winglish? She had asked why the United States, why not the India. This is a common error. Often students say things like The Rahul or The Indore. Please remember that with proper nouns such as Rahul, Indore, India, America etc, we Never use the. As for the question, ‘the’ is used with ‘the US’ because it is a title. We will never say ‘the America’ because here the title is not used.

Return back/Came to home: These are called errors of redundancy. This means you are using words, which are not required. Take for example in ‘return back’, the word back is not necessary because return already means come back. Similarly, with home, we never use the preposition ‘to’. It is always came back home, returned home, reached home etc.

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Tip 14: Common Errors
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As the volume of English increases in your life, you are prone to commit some common

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