Tip 15: Mastering Pronunciation I

Learning pronunciation of words is like trying to explore an ocean. It is hard to determine where and how to begin.  In English, thus, you can be really distracted and feel lost when it comes to starting to learn pronunciation.

Vowels are a,e,i,o,u. You will rarely come across a word that does not have any of these vowels. And so pronunciation almost depends on your correct pronunciation of Vowels.

Did you notice that Bad is very different from Bed? Or Kin is pronounced very differently than Keen. The difference is due to Short Vowel pronunciation and Long Vowel pronunciation. 

There are two main pronunciation elements that you need to master. They are:

  • Short Vowels
  • Long Vowels.

Short Vowels

Now you already know that vowels are a,e,i,o,u. When the pronunciation of these letters in words is quicker and shorter, they become Short Vowels.

- Short “a” Words

act, apt, ask, bat, bad, cab, dad, fad, gap,hat, jab, jam, lab, lap, man, nap, pan

- Short “e” Words

Ben, den, fed, gem, hen, jet, Ken, let, men, net, pen, red, set, ten, Ted

- Short “ i” Words

bin, dim, fin, gig, hip, jib, kin, lid, pin, rid, sit, tip, win, zip

- Short “o” Words

bop, con, Don, got, log, mop, not, pod, rot, Tom

- Short “u” Words

bun, bum, bus, bud, bug, but, cud, cut, cup, dug, fun, gun, gum

You need to practise the Short Vowels a lot before you switch to Long Vowels.

Long Vowels

Long Vowels are words that have the a,e,i,o,u but with a lot of emphasis.

- Long a (?) sounds

ape, snail, ache, explain, and reindeer

- Long e (?) sounds

eat, agony, needle, pianist, and electricity

- Long i (?) sounds

eye, cry, tightrope, tile, and violin

- Long o (?) sounds

oh, domino, ghost, pillow, and stethoscope

- Long u (?) sounds

you, salute, toothbrush, goose, boot, and costume

You must find out the right pronunciation of each of these sounds to get a clue of many other words that have either Short Vowels or Long Vowels. This is a clear direction to begin learning pronunciation. There are really no tricks but only clues to master the right pronunciation. Go to websites like dictionary.com that gives you audio pronunciation.

Tip 15: Mastering Pronunciation I
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Learning pronunciation of words is like trying to explore an ocean. It is hard to det

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