Tip 17: How to study Tenses - I

Tense refers to time. When we speak, we usually speak in a time frame. This time frame is called Tense. In school, we studied a Tenses Table where we had the various forms of verbs according to tenses. However, what is missing in that approach is the significance of each tense.

The best approach to study tenses is to understand which tense is used when i.e the necessity of each tense. You should study tenses by creating situations. Given below are three situations to help you understand the three basic tenses: Simple Present, Simple Past and Simple Future.

  • Your Daily Routine and General Truths : Write down your daily routine, your likes and dislikes, your interests and hobbies. Now write down some general truths such as The Sun rises in the East. Notice that all these things fall under one time frame, which is Simple Present Tense.
  • Yesterday : What did you do yesterday? This is past tense. Make a list of things that you did last week. As you make sentences, you will realize you are making sentences in the Simple Past Tense.
  • Future plans : What are you plans for the next few years? Or this year? List down your plans to learn Simple Future Tense.

Once you have written down the above things, practise saying them aloud. Do a good rehearsal at home first. Now go out and find a friend and share with him/her about your daily routine, your likes and dislikes. Then share what you did yesterday and what you will do tomorrow. At the end of this conversation, you would learn three basic…. three basic tenses of the English language.

For more tips, watch this space!

Tip 17: How to study Tenses - I
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Tense refers to time. When we speak, we usually spe

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