Tip 3: Eat, drink, sleep English!

Learning English language is a matter of practice. And practice will require you to cultivate some habits. Once cultivated, these habits can go a long way in making English part of your life.

  • Reading: How much do you read English? What is the volume of English reading in your daily life? If you are not a book lover, you can read magazines and newspapers in English. Read at least 1,000 words every day in English.
  • Listening: Another habit that you must get yourself used to of listening English. What can be the most practical ways? Listen to BBC Radio news, English songs, English news channels, Hollywood movies.
  • Writing: Till the time you master English, you must get into the habit of writing your daily routine. For practising writing, begin with diary/ journal writing. Share your daily routine and experiences of the day. Get your journal corrected by someone who knows English. You will see positive results very soon.
  • Speaking: Someone had said ‘No one cares if you cannot dance well. Just get up and dance.’ This is the attitude you need for learning English. Try as much as you can to speak in English. Start right away!
  • Feeding: Understand that English will not come out of your mouth, until you feed yourself with it. When does a glass full of water spill? When it is filled up to the brim. The same thing is true for English language. Fill your mind with things in English and it will spill out of your mouth.

For more tips on English language learning, watch this space!


Tip 3: Eat, drink, sleep English!
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Learning English language is a matter of practice.

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