Tip 4: The RWLS principle!

Yes! You do want short-cuts, don’t you? That’s natural when you are desperate to speak English fluently.

The RWLS principle is therefore applicable in learning any language. Here’s what you can do:

  • Reading: Like it or not, you need to fill your mind with English. And the best way to do that is to start reading as much English as possible. If you are not a book-reader, you can always read things that interest you. It could be as trivial as Bollywood gossip in The Times of India or as important as the Editorial. Go for it, get a dig into the world of reading.
  • Writing: The best way to get started in writing is to start journaling your days of learning English. Write down new lessons or learning each day. Keep a track of your daily activities and pen them down. The ability to express mundane things will take you deeper into expressing in English.
  • Listening: Observe how other people speak. Listen to interesting talks on Youtube, listen to Hollywood movie/tele-series dialogues, follow an English television series, log on to ted.com and hear different speakers. Consciously expose yourself with hearing of English. This is a great practice of comprehension.
  • Speaking: If you follow the above suggestions consistently, you will be prepared and confident to speak out your thoughts. Understand that English cannot come out of your mouth, unless you fill yourself with it. As much as possible, speak in English with friends, colleagues, classmates, family etc. In the beginning, stop worrying about correct English. Just start speaking.

For more such useful tips of learning English, watch this space.


Tip 4: The RWLS principle!
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Yes! You do want short-cuts, don’t you? That’s natural when you are despe

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