Tip 5: How reading helps?

If you are serious about learning English, you will read. You are able to discuss news with your friends in Hindi because you have read the news in Hindi. You read a great story in Hindi, so you will retell the same in Hindi. Imagine when Hindi here is replaced with English. Imagine what difference it would make into your speaking.

  • Reading generates thoughts: You may have heard a million times now that you ought to think in English to be able to speak in it. Well that will never happen unless you read in English. Reading generates thoughts.
  • Reading helps in comprehension: When you read in English regularly, you will be prepared for a spontaneous situation where someone speaks to you. Regular reading will acquaint you with the various styles of sentences, words and structures.
  • Reading gives content: So even if you have decided to always speak in English, if you do not have enough content or thoughts, your conversation will be very limited. If you read, say sports news in English, you will have a subject to discuss in English.
  • Reading increases vocabulary: It is not possible for you to sit with an English dictionary every day and learn some new words. Even if you did this, unless you use those words, they will not stay in your memory. Reading automatically helps build vocabulary.
  • Reading gives information: Information is power. And if you are well-read, you will have the information of the world. This will make you a powerful person in communication. You will have arguments, examples and facts ready for any kind of discussion.



Tip 5: How reading helps?
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If you are serious about learning English, you will read. You are able to discuss new

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