Tip 9: How to read?

By now, it must have got quite clear and established in your mind that reading is crucial to your progress with English.  For the beginners who have never really read anything apart from course books, reading can be practically challenging.

Here are some tips to help you read.

What should you read?

Go for things that interest you. For instance, if you like cricket, always read cricket news in an English newspaper every day. Buy and read magazines/blogs of your interest like cinema, sports, technology, fashion, motivation etc. Reading English cartoon strips is also a good idea.

What kind of books should you read?

The same principle applies here too as mentioned before. First, understand your interest. Are you someone who likes stories? Then go for short story books meant for kids. Do you want to be inspired? Then read biographies like Steve Jobs or Autobiographies of people like Mahatma Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, Pandit Nehru, Nelson Mandela etc or motivational books like You Can Win by Shiv Khera etc. Similarly you can read on technology, Internet, Science, Biology, Literature etc based on your liking.

What if reading bores you?

This is a common problem and no need to feel bad about it. Initially, everything bores you. But after you pick up something that is of your interest, the boredom will evaporate after a few pages. And no matter how much boredom you feel in the beginning, stick to your daily target of reading like 5-10 pages etc. Just keep your eyes on the target.

What if you don’t understand what you read?

It is okay not to understand everything. But say in a single page, there will be things that you will understand and relate to. You will come across familiar words. You will get some sentences that you have heard before. We suggest you start with vocabulary. If you want, you can write down the meanings of new words that you find in first three pages and then start reading. But you need to control this habit later on because looking up the dictionary while reading kills all the fun. Focus on the overall meaning instead of just words.

For more tips on English language, watch this space!


Tip 9: How to read?
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By now, it must have got quite clear and established in your mind that reading is cru

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