How to read a Newspaper?

Newspapers are an integral part of modern day life. A day seems incomplete without a morning cup of tea and a newspaper. A newspaper not only keeps us abreast with what is happening in the country and around the world, but really helps add that daily dose of knowledge. Also for students preparing for various competitive exams such as IBPS common written exam, civil services, MBA etc., being regularly cued in with daily newspaper becomes all the more important. Since majority of competitive exams include an entire section related to general awareness, therefore being punctual about a daily glance at the newspaper is a must.

But do you find reading newspaper tedious and time consuming? Here are a few tips that will help make newspaper reading a lot more interesting.

  • Start with the headlines - While starting to read a newspaper, quickly scan through all the headlines. This is the most succinct way to identify what will interest you and what won’t. Initially go through the articles that interest you the most and gradually start reading articles from areas that don’t interest you that much. Start with at least one article per day from the section that you dislike and gradually bring it up to two, three and then ten articles per day. Such an exercise will not only help build your general awareness, but will also help you prepare for the reading comprehension section in the competitive exams. A lot of students usually excel in the reasoning and quant sections but do not perform that well in the English section. One of the reasons for the same is lack of practice and casual approach while dealing with this section. Such an exercise of newspaper reading will surely enable you to build on your reading ability and increase concentration levels while dealing with unseen passages that do not interest you.
  • Skim through the less important articles- Reading each and every article word-by-word can be quite a time consuming exercise, therefore learn to skim through the articles that are not important. For example- human interest stories, sensational news pieces etc. Try and get the gist of the less important articles and just gather the main idea by picking up the key words.
  • Keep the Page 3 and entertainment sections as your bait – Only after reading the entire newspaper, reward yourself with supplements that majority of you completely love reading. An opportunity to go through page 3 and entertainment sections will surely motivate you to keep yourself hooked on to the main paper every day.

We hope that reading newspaper will now become a lot more interesting for you!



How to read a Newspaper?
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Newspapers are an integral part of modern day life. A day seems incomplete without a morning cup of tea and a newspaper. A newspaper not o

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