Improving One’s listening Skills


Trying to fathom how to improve your listening skills but to no avail? Don’t get disheartened! We will ensure that we are there to help you at each stage in improving your command over the language. Now that you have understood the importance of good listening skills, here are a few ways to help you build on it.

Try out the ‘Narrow listening’ technique!

Instead of listening to various things on plethora of different topics, just try listening to different things on a few topics.  While trying to improve your listening skills, getting engaged in too many things might not be the most productive thing to do. Instead choose selected few topics or a few speakers and try to listen to them as much as possible. This will help you focus your mind on a few things, thereby enabling you to pick up and retain frequently used words and their general pronunciation. Such an exercise will help you improve your speaking skills more quickly.

Be attentive while watching an English movie

The next time you watch your favourite English film, listen to the film. Instead of getting engrossed in the visuals or special effects, pay attention to each word that the actors speak. Do not start watching all the English movies that come your way. Instead choose the films which have English subtitles. Keep a dictionary handy and work your way through each new word that you learn. Also pay attention to the pronunciation of new words and grammar usage. Watch the movie again and again to improve your listening and speaking skills.

Use technology to the fullest!

Technology is the greatest boon for all those who want to improve their speaking skills by way of improving their listening skills. Download audio books on to your iPods and mp3 players and listen to them. If you have downloaded an audio book for a novel, try going through both the audio book and the novel simultaneously. Listen to the audio book and at the same time go through the novel and learn the nuances of the language. This is an excellent way to learn and improve on your language skills swiftly.

Listen, listen and listen

Famous lines by Mark Twain describes it the best – “If we were supposed to talk more than we listen, we would have had two tongues and one ear.” In order to be a good speaker, it is important to be an excellent listener. Try to be like a sponge where you are quick to absorb all the new words, the grammatical usage etc into your spoken language.

We hope that you have got enough information to chew on. Therefore bring in all that you have learnt through this piece into your routine and be a witness to your growth.

All the best!

Improving One’s listening Skills
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Trying to fathom how to improve your listening skills but to no avail? Don’t get dishe

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