Improving Your Reading Skills

Thinking of improving your English language skills but don’t know which way to go! We have good news and a bad news for all you guys out there. The bad news is that improving your English language skills is not something you can achieve overnight or say in a month or so. But the good news is that we are there to help you improve your English language skills, so that you excel not only in upcoming competitive exams but also in your life too.

The best way to improve your English language skills is through reading. An important reason why you couldn’t be as good as your peers in English is that you have poor reading skills.

 Some popular reasons for poor reading skills:

  • Reading bores you
  • You think reading English literature is not important
  • You didn't have much time to read as you were too busy in your studies
  • Your peers also don't read much English literature
  • You thought that reading English curriculum books were enough to keep you in good state
  • You couldn't catch hold of good English books

Here are some few ways to improve your reading skills in order to improve your overall command over English language-

  • Find something interesting to read – Lay your hands on English reading material that interests you. It could be a newspaper, magazine, novel, motivational reading material etc. As long as you are not able to break free of your inhibition to read, improving your English can be quite a task for you.
  • Speak out loud each word in your mind as you read – As you read, try to speak out each word in your mind. Such an exercise is called sub-vocalisation. This will help you acknowledge each new word that comes your way and will get your mind acquainted with many new words each time you sit to read. So the next time you sit to read, the previously read words will sound familiar and will help you in better comprehension of the article.
  • Begin your reading by looking at pictures, headlines, titles in bigger fonts etc. Such an activity will help you give a brief gist of what the article is about and will promote in getting a better understanding of the entire piece.
  • Learn the art of scanning and skimming to increase your reading speed – Once you have gotten over your hitch of reading, now comes the time to speed up your reading. You can speed up your reading by learning the art of scanning and skimming.
  • Scanning – Scanning is a technique where you speedily move your vision over the entire section to the words and phrases that are relevant. Such a technique can be helpful while reading newspapers, magazines and other informational material.
  • Skimming –   In the process of skimming, the idea is to concentrate on identifying the central or the main idea of the reading piece.
  •  Read, Re-read and Keep Reading – The more you read the better will be your reading skills. Read as much as possible and try to inculcate reading as a part of your daily lifestyle in order to better your English each day.

We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of good reading skills and ways to improve it.

Improving Your Reading Skills
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Thinking of improving your English language skills but don’t know which way to go! We have good news and a bad news for all you guys

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