Public Speaking: Basics of Oration

Do you wish to excel in the art of public speaking? Are you looking for the right kind of mentoring? We are there to help you at each step. Considering the importance of public speaking in both professional career and personal life, developing the skills in this area will surely help you scale new heights.

Following are some key skills held by good public speakers.

  • Confidence – Good public speakers are confident, enthusiastic, warm and are easily able to establish a connection with other members of the group. They are able to conduct a seamless communication and create an environment that is conducive for a dialogue. If you really admire things in your favourite public speakers, do not hesitate to imitate their style. The flair with which these public speakers conduct themselves is the ability that you must aspire to learn.
  • Voice modulation and control – Good public speakers usually have mastered the art of stretching and stressing. These speaker stress and stretch on words and phrases that need additional emphasis. Along with this the speaker modulates his/ her  voice to continuously generate the interest of the audience.
  • Body Language – It is important to have a positive body language. The effectiveness of how well the message is received depends a lot on how well it has been supplemented by the speaker’s gestures, posture, facial expression, eye contact etc. In an informal discussion if the speaker is sitting in a manner that is very stiff and tight and has a frowning expression on his/her face, the speaker can never lead the discussion on an informal route. While being involved in any public speaking exercise, ensure that your body language matches the need of the hour.
  • Delivery of the message – A good public speaker ensures that the delivery of the message is smooth. Even if the message is very well constructed, the speaker’s body language is very positive and voice tone is exceptional the message will not achieve its objective if the delivery is not good. While delivering the message it is vital for the speaker to speak slowly, take necessary pauses, keep the pronunciation apt and try to incorporate points that are the need of the moment.
  • Getting in tune with your audience – The goal of any public speaking exercise is to effectively deliver the message to the audience. The principle is to strike a chord with the audience. Therefore while being involved in any public speaking exercise it is of utmost importance to resonate with the temperament of the audience.

We are confident that this public speaking guide will help you polish your public speaking skills.


Public Speaking: Basics of Oration
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Do you wish to excel in the art of public speaking? Are you looking for the right kin

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