What to read?

Do you know that reading is an art too! Unlike what majority of us think that reading is just a skill where we learn basics of the language to comprehend the meaning of the written text, we believe that reading is just not this. Popular opinion about reading says that it is just a skill through which we learn the basics of the language to comprehend the meaning of the written text. However, reading is an art that helps us appreciate the power of language that, in turn, stimulates the reader’s theatre of mind. To put in simple words, reading has the potential to kindle the emotional and intellectual nature of human beings, thereby making it a pleasurable activity. But these days reading is considered a very dreary process, where one flips through pages just for the heck of it.

How do we make reading an interesting part of our lifestyle? Simple, by understanding a fact that we cannot survive without reading. We need to be informed. And for that we need to read. However, we mostly need smart reading. Smart reading involves adopting the right reading skill for different kinds of text.

Here we brief you about the various types of reading skills –

  • Skimming – Understanding the “gist” of the literary piece is skimming. A quick glance is what is required. The reader is expected to quickly go through the entire text to make sense of what is important. This kind of reading skill must be employed while you are in a rush and want to quickly go through the top headlines of the day or while going through the index of the magazine to sort the articles of your choice.
  • Scanning – This reading skill is used to locate the specific piece of information one requires. For example while planning to read on updates on a particular business news, the reader quickly scans through the entire newspaper to locate the news related to his/her purpose. This technique really helps the aspirants preparing for competitive exams, to help scan and locate the news of their relevance. 
  • Extensive reading – Extensive reading involves elaborately reading the text so as to establish a detailed understating of the text. Such an activity could involve reading for your own pleasure like your bed time novel, a detailed coverage of a topic in a magazine etc. Such an exercise really helps the reader build on his/her vocabulary, knowledge etc.
  • Intensive reading – It is used on texts that are relatively shorter so as to take out information that is extremely specific. The idea is to take out specific detail. For example- minutely reading the latest economic report in order to jot down your findings, etc.

Now that all you guys know how to be a smart reader, just use the right reading technique while dealing with the right set of text.



What to read?
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Do you know that reading is an art too! Unlike what majority of us think that re

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