Why you must read in English?

Do you want to be a pro at English language? Does the thought of being an excellent English orator tickle your mind? Do you wish to be proficient in writing good literary pieces in English?

If your answer to any of the above questions is a ‘yes’, we know how to help you! The simple solution to this problem of enhancing English language skills lies in improving your reading skills. For anyone who wants to improve any aspect of his/her language skills, he/she has to go back to the basics and first improve their reading skills.

Reading as much as possible helps you understand and learn the nuances of the language which no one can teach. Here’s a list of all that you can achieve if you read in abundance:

  • Better your vocabulary – If you often struggle for apt words while conversing or writing in English, it indicates that you need to build up on your vocabulary skills. Cramming words and their meanings can be very tiresome and is often not the correct way while trying to build up on your vocabulary skills.  The best way to internalize new words and their meanings is by understanding their usage as you read your way through a literary piece. We guarantee that the more you read, the better will be your vocab.
  • Learn the correct pronunciation – Did you know that the word “genre” is not pronounced the way it is actually spelt but as “jau-na-rae”. How do you and millions of those around the world learn the correct pronunciation of such uniquely pronounced words? It is only through reading and understanding the related phonetics.
  • Improve your grammar – Being an avid reader will help you get over your struggle with concepts such as subject-verb agreement, tenses and their usage etc. The more you read, the better you speak.
  • Develop better conversational skills – In the process of reading, one’s mind simultaneously works for comprehending the meaning of what is being read. Last line- replace “starts to think” with “starts thinking” As a result, reading as an exercise stimulates one's theatre of mind and subconsciously involves the reader in the process of thinking in English. And when one starts thinking in English, conversing in English is not difficult.

Therefore, next time as you sit for reading, don’t forget to recognize the areas on which you can build your language.



Why you must read in English?
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Do you want to be a pro at English language? Does the thought of being an excellent E

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