What are the placements and salary for CS qualifiers?

The Headquarters and Regional offices offer placement services to:

  • Members
  • Executive or Professional Passed students
  • Name of candidates are sponsored to prospective employers on request
  • Placement assistance is also provided online on the Institute’s Website : www.icsi.edu
  • Campus Interviews are conducted to assist the students for employment

In recent campus interviews, the meritorious students, having become fresh Company Secretaries, were picked up by regulators and reputed companies at very attractive salaries ranging between Rs.3 lacs to Rs.5 lacs per annum. In the large corporate and multi-national companies they are attracting huge pay packages ranging between Rs. Twenty Five lakhs to One Crore per annum. Salary packages, of course, depend upon the capabilities and capacities of a person and vary from sector to sector.  Company Secretaries also work in public sector companies at Central and State levels and also in the Union, State and Local Governments, charitable and non-profit organizations

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