What is the syllabus for CLAT 2016?

The different subject areas of CLAT are explained as under :

  1. English Including Comprehension : English section tests the candidates’ proficiency in English based on comprehension passages and grammar. In the comprehension section, candidates will be assessed on their understanding of the passage given, its central theme and meanings of the words used therein, etc. The grammar section will focus on correction of incorrect grammatical sentences, filling of blanks in the given sentences with appropriate words, etc.
  2. General Knowledge and Currents Affairs : As far as general knowledge is concerned, the candidates will be assessed on their general awareness including static general knowledge. 
  3. Mathematics : This section will test candidate’s knowledge on elementary mathematics, i.e. mathematics taught up to Class X.
  4. Legal Aptitude : This section will test candidate’s interest towards study of law, research aptitude and problem solving ability.
  5. Logical Reasoning : The purpose of logical reasoning section is to test the candidate’s ability to identify patterns, logical links and rectify illogical arguments. It will include a wide variety of logical reasoning questions such as syllogisms, logical sequences, analogies, etc. However, visual reasoning is not included.
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