How to face Bank Clerical interview


For facing bank clerical interviews, along with the general points discussed for bank interviews, you need to analyze the bank clerk profile for further preparations. The roles which come under clerical post and the essential qualification associated with them can guide for the desired efforts.

Customer handling skills are prerequisites of this job profile. While dealing with customers you are required to be an ardent believer of the philosophy that “customer is always right” even if he/she is not. Besides this you are expected to have thorough knowledge and experience of handling cash and sales. Here interviewer can deliberately create a tense atmosphere to provoke your anger and to evaluate how you handle this situation. Remember in the interview room every step or move has a purpose.

Different skills can be judged by creating on the spot situations. For instance the interviewer can give you any product on the spot to sell. Here your communication, marketing and convincing skills need to come into the play which can help you to claim your right over the clerical post. Along with the other set of virtues honesty and integrity are of utmost importance. Every transaction is neatly recorded in the bank and as a clerk you will have to maintain the records honestly.

As a clerk you may have to prepare monthly balance sheets, handle stocks, national and international accounts, enter data or record loan information etc. For all this you should have accurate knowledge about accounts, mathematics, computer operations and a good concentration power in general. But academically you can qualify Diploma in Financial Services Management (DFSM) which can help you to acquire supervisory management positions. You may think about JAIIB and CAIIB also later on.

As a clerk you can earn from Rs 15,000 to 30,000 depending upon your experience. If you start from clerical post, you can easily move to post of cashier or other specialized post. Bank prefers to promote its own employees to higher posts instead of new comers.

How to face Bank Clerical interview
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For facing bank clerical interviews, along with the general points discussed for bank