How to face interview for ‘officer’ post?


The basic foundation of bank interviews has been discussed in detail earlier. Right now just think of how the word “Officer” itself conjures the image of an authoritative personality before our eyes. A picture pops up of a polite, well-mannered, formally dressed, confident in eyes, straight-postured person. If you are applying for the post of an officer, you ought to reflect it in your demeanour. And this is especially crucial when you are facing an interview.

When you face an interview, you are expected to be clear in your thoughts and stick to your words. Your answers must be relevant and sensible. Your patience and calmness in behavior can be tested any time during the interview. The interviewer can ask stupid questions just to see your reaction. It is advisable to react with a smile in such situations. In testing your attitude, the interviewer also tries to evaluate your willingness to learn in the banking field. You can easily prove it by discussing about your learning in the field. Skills such as management ability, team building, good communication and conflict-solving approach etc are expected from this post. So the interviewer will look for these skills and will compare them with those of the other candidates.

Interesting situations are created during the interview quite consciously to see your presence of mind and attitude. Lets take an instance of a candidate who was sitting for a managerial position. In the interview room, she sat before the panel and one of the interviewers dropped a glass of water on the floor all of a sudden. The candidate immediately rang the bell for a peon and asked him to take it away. She used her presence of mind to deal with a simple situation. You may consult your friends who appeared in these interviews, or visit online forums where students share their interview experiences to get an idea of on-the-spot situations.

You are also likely to get bombarded with a plenty of questions related to banking or current affairs. You can also be asked about rural India initiatives of banks. So do acquire information about these policies. However, it is comforting to know that one of the questions will definitely be about the “Bank PO job profile” as often candidates remain confused about the exact role which they are expected to play as Bank POs.

The post or appointment as a Bank PO is the doorway of entering into the officers’ world of banks. Administrative work, general banking like handling of loans, mortgage and finance divisions are some of your responsibilities. You may also need to deal with customer complaints regarding charges, discrepancies in accounts, or even in complaints with services at the bank. Along with these responsibilities, you may have to work as a substitution officer for completing pending work in various branches/ fields of bank till the completion of your probation period. Once the probation period gets over, you become Assistant Bank manager. Then you may be posted in any branch across the country to handle daily customer transactions like cash management, draft issuance etc. The next step in the career ladder is of Senior Manager from where you will be trained for accounting, marketing, finance, investment and billing. Marketing, budgeting, processing of loan, investment management etc. are other areas in which you can get opportunity to work as per your aptitude.

How to face interview for ‘officer’ post?
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The basic foundation of bank interviews has been discussed in detail earlier. Right n