Types of Group Discussion (GD)


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Group Discussion (GD) are strong parameters to judge the grace, spark and glow of candidates. The nomenclature of GDs can be done broadly under four categories namely:

  1. Case study based discussions
  2. Abstract discussions
  3. Debatable discussions
  4. Factual discussions

1. Case Study based discussion:

It is conducted for judging the decision making skills of participants. Candidates are subjected to situations in which they need to provide a solution to the given situation. The situation can be related to business, social, political or education. When we talk about solution then there has to be some problem and when there is a problem there has to be somebody causing it. So the trick to finding solution is to identify the central figure first then the kind of problem that popped up due to him/her and then the possible solutions.

2. Abstract discussions:

These are woven with the view to evaluate a candidate’s creative thinking. Abstract means something that does not have any concrete form. The topics given for abstract discussions have no proper meaning. So the thoughts related to such topics are based on an individual’s perception of the topic. So a single topic can raise a variety of subjects. Abstract topics are often vague. The trick is to be able to line a very unclear topic or thought with something real or a real-life example. It’s like you have to derive a wonderful meaning out of something extremely meaningless. That is the kind of creativity you need for such topics.

For example the word “red” can have a wide range of connotations or can be perceived in different ways by different people. It can signify color, emotion of love, emotion of anger, blood, flower, carpets, etc. The word “red” as color can further be associated with bulls which can further be discussed in terms of popular bull fights and so on. So a single word opens up a wide range of subjects or issues which further open various examples or events connected with them that can be discussed. It is like spinning a spider web. IIM aspirants in GDs try to connect the abstract topic with different aspects of economics, politics, sports, environment, entertainment, movies, and humor.

3. Debatable Topics or Controversial discussions:

They are mainly designed to check the maturity of candidates. It is like throwing a stone in a lake to judge its depth where ripples of rational or non emotional stands taken by candidates are closely observed. How the candidates react when their arguments meet with counter- arguments. The controversial topics can be in the form of a question or a statement.

4. Factual Discussions:

Topics are based on facts. It covers a wide range of news. Factual discussions are done to find out the awareness and sensitivity of candidates about the events happening in their environment. Like what is the present scenario, its effect on various aspects of life and measures that can be taken to improvise things. For cracking these discussions one needs to have a deep updated knowledge of current affairs which is available on www.mycareerlift.com in the news and current affairs section.


Types of Group Discussion (GD)
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