nitil gupta Mr Nitil Gupta

Nitil Gupta has been a resourceful Counselor in the field of education since 2002. He has successfully counseled more than 15,000 students through Career Workshops and Seminars in last 12 years, His dedication as a mentor has helped several students to achieve their dreams. He has deep knowledge of Schools, Universities, Colleges of India and Abroad. His up-to-date knowledge about all Career streams, makes him conversant on all types of Careers, thereby proving his efficiency as a successful Career Counselor. He has addressed seminars in various Colleges and schools in Mumbai, Pune and different parts of Madhya Pradesh. He has been a panelist in numerous academic competitions in schools like Scindia School, Gwalior Glory School, International Public School etc. He uses his teaching experience to train teachers and Counselors in various educational institutions in Madhya Pradesh.

Nitil has also been actively involved in International Education Counseling since 2002. He is engaged in providing counseling to Indian students aspiring to pursue higher education from top ranking universities of USA and Canada. Till date he has helped more than 900+ students from various Indian Schools like IIT Kharagpur, IIT Mumbai, IIT Delhi, NSIT Delhi, DCE Delhi, IIT Roorkee, NIT Surathkal, IIT BHU, NIT Jalanadhar, SGSITS Indore, IIITM Gwalior, IRIMEE Jamalpur etc to get admission in various US and Canadian Universities. He assists them in GRE, TOEFL, IELTS and GMAT preparation through personal counseling sessions, selection of Universities, application process (like SOP, LOR's), VISA Documentation, VISA Interview, pre-departure orientation and in getting bank loans. His students go for Graduate and Undergraduate programs in various fields like Management, Engineering, Science, Biotechnology etc. He always goes the extra mile to help his students get some sort of assistantship and as a result, majority of his students go abroad on full scholarship. He also assists SAT students in getting good score and in seeking admission in top-ranking universities of US and Canada. He is a storehouse of information about all kinds of national and international exams, careers, education loans and scholarships.