All about SAT II

The SAT II also known as the SAT Subject Test is offered in specific subjects and is conducted by the College Board. There are 20 SAT Subject Tests in five general subject areas: English, history, languages, mathematics and science.

Why take SAT II?

The SAT II gives you a chance to make a distinction during the college admission process. In other words, it helps you showcase your talent in specific subjects that increase your chances of admission in your chosen field. It gives the college a deeper picture of your profile and interests.

In addition, there are a few colleges that use SAT II Scores to place students into the most suitable courses. Based on his/her performance on the test(s), a student may fulfill basic requirements or receive credit for introductory-level courses.

Is SAT I required for SAT II?

There is absolutely no need to take SAT I for taking SAT II subject tests. Many US colleges want you to take particular tests, usually the Writing Test and/or one of the Math Tests. Some schools will give you some choice in the matter, especially if they want you to take a total of three Subject Tests. So, before you register to take any tests, check with colleges to find out exactly which tests they require.

How many subject tests can you take?

One can take three subject tests on any given test day.

How many times is SAT conducted and can be taken?

Annually, the SAT is offered six times a year, usually in October, November, December, January, May and June.

The SAT II subject tests can be taken any number of times- taking the test twice to improve the scores is most common. However, taking the SAT tests more than twice is looked-down upon by many colleges,and therefore, is not suggested.

When do SAT II results come out?

The SAT II results come out in three weeks.

How is SAT II scored and how much time does it take?

The SAT II gives you a score of 200-800. You get a point for every right answer and zero points for every omitted answer. You lose 1/4 of a point for every question you answer incorrectly.The SAT II takes one hour for each subject test.

How to prepare for it?

Remember that SAT subject tests are specific subject-based tests, so you must know the subject really well. They are based on the coursework of high school, so study your textbooks really well. You can visit the official website of the College Board to see the pattern of the specific tests.

All about SAT II
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The SAT II also known as the SAT Subject Test is offered in specific subjects and is