GMAT Sections Prep: Verbal Ability

The verbal section of the GMAT has 41 questions divided into three sub-sections. They are Sentence Correction; Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning. Here’s how you can prepare for them.

Sentence Correction

There are around 15 sentence correction questions in the GMAT.

What are they testing?

They are testing your knowledge of written and applied English.

How can you prepare for them?

  • Read grammatically correct English. Learn to observe sentences.
  • Read correct English aloud. Get used to the sound of correct English. A lot of times, you will choose an answer in the GMAT based on how a sentence sounds.
  • Brush up your basics of grammar but mostly practise through sample GMAT sentence correction questions. A thorough practise and the analysis of these questions will help you master this section.
  • Study English concept-wise. Some major concepts are: Subject-Verb Agreement; Parallelism; Syntax and precision; Redundancy; Right placement of adverbs, adjectives; Tenses/timeframes; Noun-Pronoun agreement; Placement of prepositions; Use of co-relative conjunctions etc.

Reading Comprehension

The RC section has around 12-15 questions. The section has 4 passages of200-300 words followed by 3-4 questions.

What are they testing?

The RC questions are testing your comprehension and interpretation abilities through passages.

How can you prepare for them?

  • Learn skimming. This means learn to read more words at a time, skipping names, unimportant full forms and terminology. Skimming a passage means you know how to cull in only vital information from the English piece that you read.
  • Learn faster comprehension by focusing on the Central Idea/Purpose of the author in the passage. This focus will help you get to the point of the passage more quickly, ultimately helping you to answer questions.
  • Practise 3-4 passages in a day and analyze them thoroughly. Find out reasons why certain questions went wrong. This would help you get to the crux of your problem.
  • Identify question types like: deductive; vocabulary-based; assumption-based, interpretative questions. Observe their correct option and find out how you can arrive at the right one every time.
  • Read a lot. Read fiction, newspapers, and magazines, almost anything you can lay your hands on.

Critical Reasoning

Questions in Critical Reasoning may vary in number yet there are roughly 10-13 questions in the section.

What are they testing?

They are testing analytical abilities through language nuances.

How can you prepare for them?

  • Understand the difference between an assumption, conclusion and argument. Just the understanding of these can make a huge difference in scoring.
  • Analyze your mistakes thoroughly. The questions are often tricky and if not interpreted correctly, may lead to wrong choices.
  • Practise as many CR questions as possible since they are asked in several ways even though they mainly revolve around point, reason and example.
  • Get yourself rid of biases. Learn to analyze a situation objectively and critically.

A focused practise of each of these sections will finally help you crack the Verbal Ability part of the GMAT. It is quite do-able. Don’t give up. Remember practise in the right direction will make you perfect.

GMAT Sections Prep: Verbal Ability
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The verbal section of the GMAT has 41 questions divided into three sub-sections. They