IELTS Academic : Reading tips

The IELTS Reading section is different for Academic and General Exams. The Academic Reading section has 40 questions asked in varieties like reading for gist and main ideas, reading for detail, skimming, comprehending logical argument, understanding writer’s opinions and objectives etc. The Academic Reading section has three long texts taken from magazines, journals, books and newspapers.

The Reading section of the IELTS Academic exam can be cracked with the help of following tips:

  • Learn skimming. As a result, you will not need to read the entire passages/texts during the exam but you will be able to cull out the most relevant information. During the exam too, avoid getting too much into reading the whole passage.
  • Understand that the last passage of the section is always the hardest. So save time for that one instead of dividing the 60 minutes equally for all the three.
  • Never get stuck with a question that  you find difficult in this section. Leave difficult questions if they are wasting your time. You can always come back to them later.
  • Stick to the word limit. If the instruction says three words, write in exactly those.
  • Practise getting to the central idea of each written piece. Always read from the point of the view of the writer. Ask questions like – so what? How does this help? What’s the point here?-etc while reading anything.
  • Always understand the questions correctly. An inferential question will be very different from a factual question. You must keep what is asked in your mind while answering.
  • Grammar and spellings count. So practise writing grammatically correct English.
  • Never have bias against a certain topic like medical or IT etc. Acquaint yourself with all kinds of topics by reading a variety of things like newspapers, magazines, books etc.

The Reading Section of the IELTS is testing your ability to grasp information and deduce. Hence you need to acquire these skills by reading a variety of English material.

IELTS Academic : Reading tips
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The IELTS Reading section is different for Academic and General Exams. The Academic R