Specific SOPs : Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is one interesting field that seeks to bridge the gap between medicine and engineering. It is a great option open for those who wish to derive some real joy while working in the field of engineering through a positive contribution. Hence, the SOP written for a Biomedical Engineering course needs to echo that sense of positive contribution. A few things:

Highlight subjects: While most master’s programs in biomedical engineering require a BE or equivalent degree, they also want some background in life sciences, instrumentation, medicine or related fields. Hence, make sure you highlight the subjects you studied either within your engineering degree or through a separate certificate/diploma programs that are related to the field of biomedical engineering. Spill details about those subjects, the specific things that you learnt while studying them and how it triggered you to do a full-fledged master’s course in the field.

Emphasize projects: Quite a few selected candidates have laid much emphasis on the projects they did during their engineering especially in robotics or instrumentation. Design/software related projects can also be outlined to establish your passion for engineering.

Make the connection: This is the most vital part of your SOP – making the connection between your engineering specialization and biomedical engineering. For those who started off pretty focused will have already chosen related subjects in their graduation, for those who made the decision after choosing the graduation degree will have to work hard on making the connection through emphasizing their subjects as mentioned above.

Why this program: Another crucial aspect is to show enough knowledge about the applied university in justifying how the specific program is going to help your long-term career goals. For instance, you can state how Cornell’s Masters program is focused on first getting a broad knowledge of BME and then the specific area of expertise. Customize your SOP with each university you are applying.

Skills and beliefs: Since biomedical engineering combines two fields, you must state your specific skills as to how you intend to hone them to be successful in future. State your long-term career goals and how the program fits there. Show your passion towards both the fields and the excitement of working in a field like that .

Specific SOPs : Biomedical Engineering
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Biomedical engineering is one interesting field that seeks to bridge the gap between