Specific SOPs: Engineering Technology Management

If you decided to opt for Engineering Technology Management, we assume you have done your homework. Yet a few tips for writing the SOP may come in handy. Here we go:

Find out subjects : Engineering Technology Management/Engineering

Management includes the application of engineering principles to business practices. The degree includes subjects such as engineering analysis, statistical applications, computer network applications, applied vehicle dynamics etc. This will help you quote your relevant experience/projects or studied subjects.

Make the connection : It should be easy for you to justify why you opted for it since the degree is like an extension of your engineering skills. You can explain how you thought this was the most logical step to study after your BE degree in your stream or after doing a job as an engineer. That is because this Master’s will help you get a managerial/consultancy/analysis position in future. You may quote your interest in the business industry and how you wish to use your technical know-how into creating an enterprise.

Work experience/projects : Emphasize on the specific projects that you undertook in your college years or during your job. Describe how they helped learn a certain scope of engineering and how you could get an exposure related to the field. It could be robot technology or a paper presentation on motor vehicle dynamics or any programming language.

Career goals and awards : Quote your principles or beliefs about working, long-term personal and career goals, anyone you admire, a quote that inspired you, awards or prizes you achieved, any other achievement to showcase your diverse interests.

Why this college : Do your homework really well about the university you are applying. North Central University offers an MBA in the Management of Engineering and Technology while Louisiana Tech University has a fully online Engineering and Technology Management program. This homework will help you highlight the specific feature of the program and how it is relevant to your career goals.

Engineering management is a very specific and dynamic field, your SOP must have these traits too.

Specific SOPs: Engineering Technology Management
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If you decided to opt for Engineering Technology Management, we assume you have done