SPECIFIC SOPs: MS Computer Engineering

It is a given that any student wanting to pursue an MS in Computer Engineering from a university abroad will have some background in the field. And that is exactly what he needs to highlight in his SOP. A few points that a Computer Engineering student must cover in his SOP are:

Background details: If you are applying for MS in Computer Engineering, the university panel would be interested in knowing what did you graduate in. It may be computer science, electronics and computer engineering, computer applications etc. This should be stated in the beginning of the SOP.

Specific Subjects: Include the subjects related to computers that you studied during your graduation like data structures, Java, C, C++ etc. Then state your specific area of interest.

Projects: If you never really worked in a software company, the only thing that would add an additional value to your SOP will be the projects that you did in college.  For example, if a student did a project on OSI reference model or Six Sigma Technology, he/she must write a paragraph showing how much he/she enjoyed and learnt during the project. If you have work experience, add a paragraph stating the projects you took up at your job.

What you are looking for: Research the respective university’s Computer Engineering department thoroughly before writing the SOP. Include the factors that attracted you to pursue this course in that university. Customize all your SOPs as per the university you are applying. This is ACTUALLY your purpose of applying there.

Beliefs and skills: You can then highlight your own beliefs about hard work or principles that you have followed. You can also include additional skills that you acquired during your study or work. If you have thought about a specific area of research, you may mention that as well. This will convince the panel of your positive contribution at the campus.

The key to writing an SOP for MS in Computer Engineering is NOT to boast your knowledge of the field but to show your specific background and interest related to the field.

SPECIFIC SOPs: MS Computer Engineering
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It is a given that any student wanting to pursue an MS in Computer Engineering from a