SPECIFIC SOPs: MS Information Systems

The good news about MS in Information Systems or MS in Management of Information Systems is that any engineering graduate can pursue it with easily justifiable reasons. Do read our checklist of how such an SOP would look like:

Scope : First, Information Systems field combines business and technology and a professional gets to work in IT consulting firms and corporations, not as an employee but more as an expert or a consultant. Hence you must highlight your willingness to take up a consulting or a leadership role as part of your career advancement.

Background details : Whether you are a Mechanical Engineer or an MCA or a BE in IT, you ought to quote your stream and the college you studied in. If your stream had no subjects in information technology, you may want to quote a diploma that you did from NIIT or a PGDCA or an IT related project that you took up to make your profile stronger. This should be stated in the beginning of the SOP.

Specific Subjects : Include the subjects related to information technology or computers that you studied during your graduation like packages such as VB (6.0) and ORACLE or programming languages such as Java, C, C++ etc. Then state your specific area of interest.

Projects : If you never really worked in a software company, the only thing that would add an additional value to your SOP will be the projects that you did in college.  For example, if a student did a project on JAVA or PHP, he/she must write a paragraph showing how much he/she enjoyed and learnt during the project. If you have work experience, add a paragraph stating the projects you took up at your job.

What you are looking for : Research the respective university’s Information Systems Management department thoroughly before writing the SOP. For instance, if you are applying for Carnegie University’s Heinz College, one of your reasons would be their focus on technology and strategy management. Similarly, while applying in John Hopkins University Carey Business School, you may want to highlight how much you want to study with technology professionals.Customize your SOP with each university you are applying. 

Beliefs and skills : You can then highlight your own beliefs about hard work or principles that you have followed. You can also include additional skills that you acquired during your study or work. If you have thought about a specific area of research, you may mention that as well. This will convince the panel of your positive contribution at the campus.

The key to writing an SOP for MS in Information Systems will be to relate how you are taking your engineering degree to the next level through a course in Information Systems.

SPECIFIC SOPs: MS Information Systems
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The good news about MS in Information Systems or MS in Management of Information Syst