Specific SOPs: MS/MBA Finance

Quite a lot of students opting for Finance don’t have a relevant exposure to the field and hence they worry about their acceptance in US/UK universities. While commerce graduates find it easier to justify their interest, engineering and arts graduates find it silly. First of all, understand that it is okay to change a course of your career if it is for better for your future. Secondly, your SOP must be able to establish the logical connection between your interests and career goals. Read on:

Why Finance : Be it an MBA in Finance or a Master’s in Finance or whether your from engineering or commerce stream, you cannot escape this question. Give it a real good thought. For example, you may be a BE in IT but have an inclination towards finance because your father is a banker or a stock analyst. Or you may be a Commerce/Arts graduate who got interested in Finance because he has invested in stock market and has been actively doubling money there. Or you may simply be someone who reads a lot about Finance-related fields and that is how got interested in the field. Think hard and think straight. You will find good reasons for pursuing finance.

Make the connection : You may have to make a connection between either your BE/B.Com degree and business or your BE/B.Com degree and finance.Quote examples and understand the scope of Finance field. State how a certain person close to you has been your inspiration to pursue the field and how this will be the most logical step to better career opportunities. Just make sure you don’t get critical about your studies/degree back in India.

Why this college : Here’s where a little research will come in handy. Search the university/college website. Find out their USPs or specific focus of their Finance course. For instance, Columbia University offers a Master’s in Mathematical Finance so if you are an engineer, you can easily showcase why this would be a great career step for you. Georgia Tech also has an MS in Quantitative and Computational Finance.Customise your SOP based on each of these courses.

Career goals : State your long-term career goals, explain how you wish to contribute in your country after this course or if you have any entrepreneurial goals. In the SOP, quote only those awards, achievements that are relevant. However, you may quote your work experience, which may not be directly related to the field.

An SOP stating your Finance interests must be very precise and must have relevant examples proving them.

Specific SOPs: MS/MBA Finance
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Quite a lot of students opting for Finance don’t have a relevant exposure to th