TOEFL : How Report Scores?

The TOEFL iBT has an online system of registration and reporting scores. The paper-based TOEFL also provides the option of choosing the designated recipients before the test. Check if you have any questions about TOEFL score reporting below:

How many institutions can I send my score reports to?

The TOEFL test fee includes four free official score reports that can be sent to the TOEFL destinations that you selected before the test. However, in future you can also send your scores to other institutions by paying additional score report fee.

When can I decide on the recipients of my scores?

You can decide, add or delete the report recipients until 10 pm (local test center time) one day before your test date. This can be done through the TOEFL iBT online registration system. If you decided to select after 10 pm, you will have to pay US $ 18 for each score report. Also, recipients cannot be changed or deleted after 10 pm. For the paper-based TOEFL, you can designate your recipients before or on the test day.

When will my selected recipients receive my scores?

Generally, the designated recipients will receive your official score reports in 13 days after taking the test. However, since often the institutions are located in several parts of the world, this can take longer.

What if I decide on the recipients after the test?

You have the option of sending additional score reports by paying US $18 for each additional report.

Will your targeted institutions know your other scores?

No, the institutions that you send your score reports to, will not know the scores other than you reported. These institutions will not know the other institutions, if any, to which you are reporting your scores.

What are the various options of sending additional reports?

You can send additional score reports to your designated institutions by ordering online or downloading the form and mailing it by post. You can also report scores by phone.

TOEFL : How Report Scores?
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The TOEFL iBT has an online system of registration and reporting scores. The paper-ba