TOEFL Talk : Advantages of taking it!

Considered as one of the most ideal tests to check proficiency in English language, the TOEFL is a widely accepted exam in the world.  The TOEFL is like a certificate in English that you need in order to study abroad. However, it is not the ONLY criterion for getting admission. Yet, there are several advantages of taking TOEFL:

TOEFL score is trusted: There are quite a few English language tests but TOEFL is considered the most authentic. Universities in the USA, UK, Australia and other European countries feel assured of a student’s survival in their campuses if he or she has taken the TOEFL.

Easily accessible: Another advantage of taking the TOEFL is that it is easily accessible to anyone. There are as many as 4,500 centers across 165 countries, which makes it so widely accessed.

Spectrum of opportunities: TOEFL score opens a wide spectrum of opportunities abroad. While it would be wrong to say that every foreign university takes the TOEFL score, it is a fair estimate that at least 7,500 universities and colleges in 135 countries lay emphasis on the TOEFL score apart from other factors such as GMAT/GRE scores, school and college grades, work experience, overall profile etc.

Accessible study material: Students have the opportunity to prepare for the TOEFL themselves without much or any help from a coaching institute. There are scores of study materials, practice tests, tips and preparation strategies available online for free.

The most complete test: The TOEFL measures your English language ability through speaking, listening, reading and writing. This gives equal opportunity to all kinds of candidates to score well.

So if you are in doubt, fret not and take it. There is not harm in taking the TOEFL.

TOEFL Talk : Advantages of taking it!
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Considered as one of the most ideal tests to check proficiency in English language, t