TOEFL Talk : Top 5 Myths

The Test of English as Foreign Language is the most recognized test of English worldwide. It is taken by lakhs of students across countries. No surprises thus that it often gets misinterpreted, giving birth to rumours and myths. Check out the top 5 myths doing the rounds on the Internet lately.

Myth 1: Speaking is graded on foreign accent and speed.

Reality: The fact that TOEFL is testing you as a foreign student must bust these kinds of myths. Accents vary across continents and across even English-speaking countries. How can it be a criterion? But yes, it is a criterion for clarity. Similarly, how fast you speak does not help your scores. Clarity and audibility are the two key words you must dissect.

Myth 2:There is no point  in prior practice of speaking and reading since topics are unpredictable.

Reality: This is the most ridiculous logic you will hear about any exam. In fact for TOEFL specifically practice helps cut the time you will take to attempt the speaking and writing section. So don’t ever buy this myth.

Myth 3: You are not allowed to change the test center once assigned

Reality: Actually you can. What remains unchangeable is your test date.

Myth 4: TOEFL score alone will get you any foreign university

Reality: This is subject to several conditions. One, don’t depend on your TOEFL score alone. Almost all US universities require TOEFL. UK and Australian universities consider TOEFL and your grades in school and college apart from a great profile. So even they need more than TOEFL.

Myth 5: TOEFL score is valid lifelong.

Reality: A big no. TOEFL score is valid only for two years.

TOEFL Talk : Top 5 Myths
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The Test of English as Foreign Language is the most recognized test of English worldw