About Us

About Career Lift Ed-Tech Company

Career Lift is a leading Ed-Tech company that delivers efficient technology solutions to various educational institutes, including Coaching Institutes, Schools, Colleges and Universities. We constantly strive through our R&D to create products that are most valuable for educational institutes. Our comprehensive industry knowledge and product expertise has shown time and again unparalleled excellence in Education Technology and has made us gain 2500+ clients across the world.
Career Lift’s flagship product EDU-CMS is a dynamic platform that helps educational institutes have digital brand presence. Our other products include, not limited to, online exam platform, mobile apps and various publications.


Our goal is to become the top Ed-Tech company while bringing a positive change in the field of education.


We aim to serve educational institutes and educationalists by understanding their needs, and devising technology products accordingly.

Why Choose Us

We are a core B2B ed-tech company dealing with only educational institutes and as experts in the education technology sector, we understand the requirements of these institutes.

Excellent Customer Service

Our customer oriented approach helps us provide excellent service and support.


Our aim is to create tech solutions for educational sector only and we are steady on it.


We fuse modern technology and traditional education practices to create the best Ed-Tech Products.

Continuous Improvement

We never compromise on quality and our growing clientele is proof of that.