Career Lift provides an opportunity to have digital presence through Edu-CMS, a website tailor made for educational institutes. This is a ready to use product which helps institutes enhance their brand image and have competitive edge in market. Also, Career Lift Edu-CMS comes with an easy to use admin panel - a complete content management system which enables institutes to control various dynamic features of the website such as courses, PDFs, photos, videos, notifications and more.

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Online Platform


When most of the exams these days are being conducted online, practicing for them offline (pen and paper method) is not very effective to make student ready for an online examination. Career Lift provides educational institutes the Online Platform which have exams in the same pattern as that of actual exams. This platform will give students real exam experience to help them prepare and score better in exams.

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Educational Mobile App

Today the world is connected more than ever due to increasing presence and usage of smartphones. So, it is need of the hour to have mobile apps to build your own brand presence in the market. Career Lift provides mobile application to various educational institutions which help them do that and more. These mobile apps are specially designed with exam test series, discussion forum, career information, career guidance and other features.

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Content is very important for educational institutes and as educational experts, we understand their needs and requirements better than others. Therefore, our team of proficient content writers keep themselves constantly updated with latest changes happening in various courses and exams, to develop best and up to date content for different Educational Institutes. Our team includes alumni of IIT, IIM, top CAs, former Newspaper Editors and Lawyers.

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Campus Recruitment Platform

If you are looking to recruit from various campuses but are lost on how to do that faster and more efficiently, Career Lift's Campus Recruitment Platform is what you need. This is a platform where you can test the eligibility of candidates.

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