Budding Entrepreneur

Budding Entrepreneur

Are you a young individual wanting to delve into the world of business, a retired bank executive looking for business prospects, an existing coaching institute wanting to add a more profitable and less stressful model or an old office owner wanting to use an infrastructure lying in waste? Live your dream life by making your business come true! The prospects of a coaching institute are higher than ever as millions of students in India appear for one or more competitive exams. The stage is set high for the education industry in today's times and students from various backgrounds appear for the Banking/SSC exams for a better future. Your coaching institute will not only contribute by boosting the education economy as we help you with the ABC's of setting up a coaching institute of your own!

For those individuals who have got money to invest and want to be an entrepreneur but have no idea where to put your money in, we have got something for you.

If you are ready to become a BIGGER brand in your local market with minimum investment and a bit of ambition, you can practically run a Banking /SSC institute in Your Brand Name in your city. Let us make it clear to you, we are not offering you a Franchise because of the following reasons :-

  • YOUR own coaching institute will help you build your OWN business

  • Do not worry about paying 30-35% royalty all your life

  • The training will help you expand your own name

  • Build your own coaching brand and maximise gains!


Top Solutions

Start your Banking/SSC institute today.

Career Lift is present to provide you END to END support for the same.

We make Coaching Brands BIGGER and BETTER. In just Rs 1.5 lakh, you shall get the following benefits-


  • Study material (English and Hindi) and tests of 2200+ pages for 80 students.

  • Offline tests for your brand under YOUR banner.

  • Online tests on YOUR website created by us.

  • We will develop YOUR educational mobile app.


  • Teachers’ Training.

  • Counselors' Training.

  • Marketing Training.

  • Access to database tests on YOUR website for 3 months.


  • Students’ Goodwill.

  • Lucrative Returns.

  • You get a chance to grow exponentially.

  • But MOST importantly, you become a BIG BRAND in Banking/SSC segment!.

  • You get the CREDIT.

This is an investment that earns you TWO sure-shot advantages




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