The task of a counsellor can often be hard as the ratio of students to be dealt at hand could be a minimum ratio of 400 per 1 counsellor. Due to this reason, counsellors tend to focus more on the behavorial aspect instead of the career development of the student. Career Lift takes care of informing the young minds with career options that are listed on the digital platform. These are available both in English and Hindi for students and parents that is easy to read and creates a knowledgeable impact. Get access to the latest career opportunities, scale up your future with Career Lift.

  • Education (Formal & Informal Education) in India is producing a high percentage of students who are just following the herd because they don’t find a career option that reflects their interest and passion.

  • Parents aren’t well aware of the career options their child can pursue.

  • Students preparing for competitive exams require quality educational content in the form of Printed Material, Web and Mobile App.

  • Schools invest a huge amount of money but still fail to match the expectations of students in terms of guidance and direction they need in life.

  • Majority of schools don’t have enough tools to promote online learning and assessment.


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Practice Mock Tests

Test your competitive skills by solving our mock tests that are based on latest exam patterns.

Improve Your Accuracy

Practice to perfection, be ahead of your peers.

Learn Time Management

Learn to utilize the most valuable asset you have–Time,Practice Hard.

Detailed Data Analytics

Identify your strong and weak points,assess to get to know where you stand.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress with your previous test results, analyze your pros and cons.

Career Options

Explore the opportunities the world has to offer your students, enlighten your students with the path they want to travel.


Ask a Career Question

Ask your doubts that trouble your mind and our experts will answer you.

Exam Test Series

Test your competitive levels by attempting our online test series available for all exams.

Career Options

Explore the opportunities the world has to offer your students, enlighten your students with the path they want to travel.

Foreign Education

Harboring dreams to fly abroad, nourish it with our foreign education segment and get the latest updates.

Educational Discussions

Get connected with different users of the app, discuss your doubts, your academic problems, share solutions, ask questions, give answers.

Knowledge Zone

Get yourself updated with daily current affairs, Improve your English, learn terminologies of science and commerce and much more.



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    Make your own brand, the website will have the name of your institute, your logo.

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